Securing the right solar solution for your organization is an involved process that typically begins with the development of a tailored solicitation document (i.e., RFQ/RFP) and an accompanying set of specifications and criteria for properly evaluating vendor bids. Developing the scope of work and necessary information for the solicitation process can be laborious (e.g., technical requirements, pricing and production response formats, and evaluation criteria) but a well-crafted document will dramatically improve the vendor selection process and drive cost savings to deliver the best-value system to meet your project goals. For organizations that lack the in-house technical expertise, industry knowledge, or staff time to implement a large-scale solar project, Optony provides expert solar procurement services to deliver transparency and efficiency at every stage of the process from RFP creation and proposal evaluation to vendor selection and contract negotiation.

Scope of Services

  • RFP document creation, system specifications and statements of work
  • Initial system designs and construction requirements
  • Detailed scoring matrix with evaluation criteria that match project goals
  • Reference checks on vendor performance, technology and financing
  • Best-in-class price, performance and warranty benchmarking
  • Internal review, decision support and stakeholder presentations
  • Detailed proposal evaluations across technology, capabilities and economics
  • Contract terms & conditions review and negotiation support


  • Expert RFP support puts you in control and ensures the best quality and price
  • Increase vendor competition and market interest
  • Accelerate the evaluation process and project timeline
  • Facilitate collaboration across departments and stakeholder groups
  • Save transaction and administrative costs via world-class procurement processes
  • Produce higher lifetime project returns with lower risks

Challenge: One of the largest counties in the nation in collaboration with eight independent jurisdictions launched a major solar initiative to purchase, finance and install a total capacity of 14MW across 70 individual sites. They wanted to ensure that this project realized collaborative benefits while avoiding potential procurement issues.

Solution: Optony worked with all participating jurisdictions to evaluate site- specific data, strategically bundle sites, develop a market-leading RFP to maximize bidder competition, and negotiate highly competitive PPA contracts, delivering additional energy savings in excess of 12% and reducing admin costs by over 50%.


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