Proper monitoring, maintenance, and performance optimization can dramatically improve the long-term value of any solar project, but few organizations have the in-house expertise to be able to determine whether a PV system is actually experiencing performance problems, and if so, how to resolve them.

Optony’s comprehensive system optimization & maintenance services protect your solar investment and ensure optimal system performance for the long-term. Our solar audits of existing systems provide a proper guideline for on-going monitoring and maintenance, from cleaning and replacement schedules to modification and repair. We also provide direct follow-ups with manufacturers, installers, utilities and financing companies in the event that actions are required on their parts to improve system output and financial benefits.

Scope of Services

  • Solar audits of existing systems from an electrical, physical, and financial perspective
  • Mitigation of potential technical issues to extend system longevity and reliability
  • Security assessment to reduce risk of theft and vandalism
  • Performance optimization via cleaning, repair, modification and replacement
  • Follow-ups with manufacturers, installers, utilities and financing companies as required
  • Review of electricity rate schedules, rebates and incentives to determine additional savings
  • Creation of site-specific monitoring, maintenance and reporting procedures


  • Significant performance improvement for most systems
  • Better understanding of actual system performance
  • Action steps to earn more money from your solar system
  • Longer system life and lifetime output with proper monitoring
  • Demonstrate better fiduciary management
  • Leverage green benefits and project success with stakeholders

Case 1

Challenge: A city in Silicon Valley wanted to understand why a 6-year old solar system (45kW) at its Senior Center was not having the expected impact on their electricity bill.

Solution: Optony performed a full inspection of the installation at the Senior Center and confirmed that the system was producing an electrical output of less than 25% of planned output. We provided the City with actionable recommendations to improve system output to 95% by addressing technical and maintenance issues.

Case 2

Challenge: A school district in Contra Costa County, CA needed to verify whether a number of damaged solar panels on its rooftop installation were affecting system performance and if so, determine the best course of action to prevent further issues in the future.

Solution: Optony performed a thorough electrical, physical and financial inspection to assess the impact of the panel damage on system performance and identify the potential causes and resolution. Our analysis concluded that the initial commissioning was flawed, and identified repair and replacement opportunities which reduced issue resolution costs by over 50%.


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