Even seemingly minor changes or disconnects between the proposed system designs, engineering design group and the construction personnel in the field could result in a system not being built to specifications or delivering planned savings. Completing an independent review of final engineering documents along with periodic inspections during and after construction will help to prevent problems over the 20-year lifespan of your solar system.

Optony offers a broad range of project commissioning services designed to protect your investment – from hands-on project coordination, design reviews, technology inspection, installation oversight, and specification compliance to final project performance certification. Independent from any financial, technology, or vendor interests, Optony’s solar experts act on your behalf to ensure a smooth transition from construction to long-term operations.

Scope of Services

  • Expert review of final engineering documents and system designs
  • Evaluation of components, specifications and warranties
  • Pre-implementation walk through and risk assessment analysis
  • Mid-construction system inspections for utilization of latest best practices
  • Full system physical and electrical inspection upon project completion
  • System output evaluation and performance modeling
  • Site-specific maintenance planning & staff training
  • Monitoring system review to ensure proper performance management process


  • Independent design and constructability review
  • Comprehensive project inspections to ensure latest solar project best practices
  • Risk mitigation throughout entire installation process
  • Technical component and design specification compliance enforcement
  • Increased confidence and insight into system output & performance management
  • Smooth hand-off to operations and maintenance staff

Case 1

Challenge: A school district in northern California that had completed the original commissioning of its solar system through an integrator was running into technical issues approximately two years after going on-line.

Solution: Optony performed a thorough electrical, physical and financial inspection to assess the impact of the panel damage on system performance and identify the potential causes and resolution. Our analysis concluded that the initial commissioning was flawed, and identified repair and replacement opportunities which reduced issue resolution costs by over 50%.

Case 2

Challenge: In building a new middle school, a northern California school district wanted to reach both grid-neutral and carbon-neutral goals using rooftop solar.

Solution: Optony performed an independent design and constructability review of the architectural/engineering firm’s designs, while also providing guidance on incentives and financing options to help reduce project costs by 15% while increasing planned output.


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