Not all solar projects are created equal. Proper planning, execution, and maintenance will ensure that organizations realize the full potential of solar power. Optony provides a suite of solar lifecycle services to help minimize project risk and deliver maximum returns in terms of payback and performance. Our experience across all phases of solar projects provides significant advantages by helping to avoid foreseeable issues and shorten time to completion.

Solar Strategy

Develop an integrated strategy to intelligently incorporate solar energy into your overall sustainability plans, looking across all potential opportunities. Our team has deep experience in energy policy, financing, economics, program design and implementation, project management, and community engagement to design and execute successful initiatives on both the national and local level.

Feasibility Assessment

Independent, comprehensive assessment to determine the optimal solar potential for your organization and portfolio of locations based on site-specific energy demand, utility rates, facility characteristics, financing options, regulatory requirements and marketing needs.

Procurement Management

We take the lead in managing your RFP process from requirements gathering, proposal writing, and bid solicitation to vendor evaluations and final recommendations based on your specific situation.

Project Commissioning

Our service drives project coordination, technology integration, installation, compliance as well as final project certification. Leverage our expertise and professional resources to lower the operating costs and risks associated with design and implementation to get the most from your investment.

System Optimization

We provide “solar audits” of existing systems to determine cleaning, repair, modification and replacement strategies needed to ensure optimal performance. We also provide direct follow-ups with manufacturers, installers, utilities and financing companies in the event that actions are required on their parts to improve system output. Our team reviews and analyzes on-line system monitoring to verify that operational performance is on par with expectations.

Independent Engineering Review

Our team verifies vendor and project assumptions and economic returns, and performs early design reviews with identification of potential issues. Then, based on periodic physical inspections and a final review of system output, projects will comply with both industry best practices and tax regulations for an independent report of the investment and system performance.